Wood Trims and Pedestals: Personalize your hearth board with the addition of wood trim with your choice of stains and finishes.  Available for hearth in sizes up to and including 48″x48″  Stains and finishes: Golden Oak, red Mahogany, English Chestnut, Clearcoat only (No Stain), Dark Walnut, Ebony, Tricorn Black Lacquer.

Slate, Stone, Veneer brick trims: Personalize your hearth board with a modern or old-world look, all hand crafted thermal protection hearth boards and trimmed with a 1/8″ steel band.  Pedestal kits also available.  Large selection of color choices!

Brushes, Cleaning Supplies: Keep your stove clean and running longer with the right equipment:  stove brushes, vent brushes, stove vacuums, gasket sealers, heavy-duty glass cleaners, and more.

pellet stove accessories ludlow springfield, ma

Venting/ Tubing: Check out our full selection of parts for every need, here are just some:
All are for 3″ diameter:

6″ Pipe—————$22                           Ceiling Support—————$55
12″ Pipe————-$28                            Wall Bracket Support———$20
24″ Pipe————-$33                            Wall Thimble——————$55
36″ Pipe————-$48                            Pipe Connector—————-$30
60″ Pipe————-$63                            6″ Chimney Adapter———-$48
1 ft Adjustable——$34                             8″ Chimney Adapter———-$50
45 degree angle—–$48                            3″ to 4″ Increaser————-$32
90 degree angle—–$54                            Storm Collar——————-$8
Single Tee w/ Cap—$74                           Adj. Roof Flashing————$38
Double Tee w/ Cap–$68                          Tall Cone Roof Flashing——$40
Trim Plate————$18                           Top Cap (4″ Quick Cap)——$88
Vert. Rain Cap——-$30                           Trim Plate———————$18
Horiz. Turbo Cap—-$44                           Top Cap (4″ Quick Cap) ——$88