Hardwood Pellets

While pellets are in short supply this year.  Turnpike Acres is working with suppliers from multiple locations to ensure our customers remain warm all winter.

Our pellets are always kept inside so that your pellets burn hotter and more efficiently.  Don’t let the bargain prices at big box stores fool you.  Premium pellets burn hotter and heat your home more efficiently.  Also don’t buy any pellets that are stored outside- they’re prone to clog your pellet stove auger and burn less intense.  Try 2 bags of our premium pellets vs the box stores low grade pellets… no doubt you’ll come back for more.


  • A wood pellet is made of ground wood, dehydrated, and highly compressed to twice the energy density of regular wood.
  • The intense compression squeezes moisture out; resulting in less than 8% moisture, compared to 20-30% moisture in cord wood.  The drier the fuel, the more heat it produces.
  • Clean, environmentally friendly, natural, RENEWABLE fuel resource.
  • Viable substitute for fossil fuels; it has a high energy value, less transportation costs, and efficient storage.
  • Carbon-neutral and very low emissions.
  • Lower on a per-BTU basis than most fossil fuels.  Fuels are rated by how much they cost per 1,000,000 BTU’s.  It takes 121.2 lbs of pellets to do that, it takes 1 therm for gas heat, and 7.21 gallons of oil heat.  Prices as of 2/28/2011 are using the most expensive pellets we carry at $255 per ton, for gas using $11.40 per therm, and for oil using $3.54 per gallon.
  • There are two grades of wood pellets: standard and premium. The difference is the amount of ash content each type leaves behind after it has been burnt. Premium typically has 1% ash content while standard wood pellets have 3%.  All of our pellets are premium grade.

OUR PELLETS: (All are certified premium grade)

New England Pellet


$265 / ton (50 bags)

$6/ Individual Bag

   .4 – .7 % ash, 3-5% moisture, 8,100 BTU’s/lb.

Average Hardwood and Softwood blend

made in New Hampshire

Delivery Pricing

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$50 $65 $75 $85 $95 $105 $115 $125 $135 $150